Journey Collective Retreat


Journey Collective Retreat is a life coaching meets yoga meets Bali cultural retreat - at Serenity Eco Guesthouse & Yoga is a perfect opportunity for you to step back and dive deep into yourself. This spirited collective retreat is open to both beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.
The retreat is a four-day yoga retreat that focuses solely on your body, mind & soul.
During this intimate, seaside retreat, you will have the space to explore the depths of your yoga practice and channel its benefits to master the art intuitive flow. The coaching workshop and individual session will help you create sustainable change that allows you to blossom into your true self, shed mindsets and behaviours that are not serving you, and reveal your unique contribution to the world. As you commit to your core values and personal excellence you will set the foundation for accomplishing the unimaginable! Cultivating intuitive flow is allowing the creative process, that is life itself to unfold in each one of us individually during retreat, so that we can witness and learn how to love and appreciate ourselves daily. This slowing down is exactly what your body and creativity is aching for.

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