"If you can breathe, you can do yoga ..."

...Krishnamacharya used to say.

Did you know that classic yoga was a male-only practice, until the “first lady of yoga” Indra Devi was accepted to study under Sri Krishnamacharya circa 1937?

Yoga is a system of beliefs — specifically an eight-limbed path — which includes physical and mental exercises. This belief system was once entirely male and once isolated to India.

So how did we get to to the yoga of today? Let’s travel back in time.

Then: The setting is Myosore, India, and the woman is a stubborn and ambitious young newlywed, known by her stage name Indra Devi, a rising star in Indian films. Her husband, Jan Strakaty, connects her to the Maharaja and Maharini of Mysore (i.e. the ruling/royal family) who are sponsoring a yoga school led by Sri Krishnamacharya. This school teaches boys from a young age to master all aspects of yoga, including the poses (asanas). It was no easy task, but Indra Devi convinced the guru to take her on as his first female (and Western) student. She toughed it out with the boys, so to speak. The rest is history.

Now: Yoga is a mainstay in both the fitness and holistic health worlds. It’s famous for stress-relief, flexibility, injury prevention, prenatal care, and — of course — stretchy apparel. Many modern women don’t know to honor Devi with the fact that they’re even allowed in studios, much less that the classic poses aren’t catered to their female physique. Meanwhile, many men are unaware that they were once the only ones considered able and suitable for a traditional Indian yoga practice.




Wanderlust 108


Did you know that on September 15th, Amsterdam will hold it’s very first Wanderlust 108 event?
Wanderlust 108 is a field day for your mind, body & soul. Featuring a 5k run, yoga & meditation, their focus is on community, not competition 🙏🏾
I am giving away 2 FREE tickets to this event in Flevopark, Amsterdam. The lucky winners will be announced on August 27th.
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NEWS: August 2018

The birth of Zenang...

And then....six month later my friend, Danielle and I are opening our first Yoga shala in Zoetermeer, Netherlands. The process happened super mega quickly. 3 weeks - from the ideas to the door opening.
Our Yoga shala is called Zenang Yoga & More. Zenang is derived from the Indonesian word, Senang - means happiness. We fusioned the Zen into it, and it became Zenang :) We owed the existance of this Yoga school to the community of Zoetermeer. Without them, we won't be where we are right now.
Click here to find out more about our Yoga school: Zenang Yoga & More.


NEWS: February 2018

Intro to the
Low Lands


"All those things you dream of beginning, learning, creating; take the tiniest steps right Now. The moment to begin is right here, right now." -meghan currie

You’ve seen it passing by on your instagram or facebook's timeline, I have moved to the Netherlands. In this brand new life, I am starting over. Allover again just like a new-born. A brand new baby. I know nothing about this life. I'm learning one new thing every single day.
All I know is that I am living my dream.